AdGrants Approved: Unlocking Free Advertising for Your Nonprofit!

Sans Terra Team has introduced an exciting new product... The Digital Marketer Toolkit!

What is this? To be honest, what isn't it?! Here's a quick glance of a few of its amazing features that can help make you the marketing hero of your organization!


Digital Marketer Toolkit Is...

  • Created to make YOU the marketing hero of your organization
  • Digital marketing empowerment and expertise at your fingertips
  • Customizable training and service packages available
  • A resource library that provides 9 Teachable Modules, 30+ Videos, and 20+ Resource Documents

Featured Digital Marketer Toolkit Module: Learning How To Get Your NonProfit AdGrants Approved.

Discover the exact steps our nonprofit clients take to get up to $10,000 in Google AdWords Advertising for FREE! Learn how to become a registered nonprofit with Google, get accepted into the AdGrants program and MORE!

We understand your frustrations as we’ve worked with nonprofits for over 20 years and we ourselves are volunteers and board members of nonprofits. We have created the Digital Marketer Toolkit that has several modules to empower you to own your digital assets and take control of your nonprofit’s future! 

Stop coasting, start excelling. Check out a few of the courses that we offer below!

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