GDPR is Here, Don’t Panic!

Our Mission: Lowering GDPR Compliance Costs for Your Business

The European Union has recently established a new set of rules for regulating businesses and data use. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),  requires businesses to change the way they intake and manage personal information. Read More at Wikipedia

GDPR compliance is causing some panic within the digital marketing industry. If you are operating in the US and you are not directly targeting European businesses, don’t panic! There is currently no enforcement agency looking for US businesses who happen to pick up an EU customer that signs up for a newsletter or inquires about your product or service.

Even so, in this "era of privacy", we need to reevaluate our websites and make sure we have established the best practices for storing data and removing personal data if a customer chooses.

We are currently working on a Toolkit that will lower GDPR compliance costs for our customers.

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If you want to learn more,  watch for Joel Eckman on "Legal Bits with Julie Finch," June 19th, 2018, where GDPR compliance will be discussed in more detail.

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