The Most Important FREE SEO Tool You Aren’t Using

The Most Important FREE SEO Tool You Aren’t Using

Ever wonder what your website looks like to Google? Want to be notified if your website has a virus or if Google suddenly can't see your site anymore? How about being able to see exactly where you rank for a specific term in Google and if you are improving or slipping?

Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, provides all of this and more and it's not just for geeks!

Watch our quick 3 minute video on some of the key benefits of a properly configured search console account. See how with a few clicks you can important SEO data available right in your Google Analytics account for FREE!


For a limited time we are offering a FREE review of your Google Analytics setup including:

  • Analytics Setup and Review
    Properly configured Analytics will tell you nearly everything you need to know about the traffic your website is getting and where it comes from!
  • Search Console Setup and Review
    Having Search Console connected to your site will keep you notified about important issues that may arise regarding your websites position in search engines as well as show you where you rank in Google.
  • Bonus! FREE Weekly Emailed Dashboard Report
    Gives you a quick look at your website traffic right in your inbox for FREE!

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