Invisible Barriers are Costing you leads

The Sans Terra Quick Quote Solution Creates A Pipeline of Leads For Your Business Within Your Existing Website & Sales Process

Your Customers Are Lazy

It's true. They are incredibly lazy.

They don't want to call and talk to you. They don't want to dig around your website for information. They don't want to jump through hoops to inquire about a product or service and they sure as hell don't want to "Contact Us".

They are on your website because they need something and they need it now.

Let us show you how this one solution can lower the barriers most websites put up (without even knowing it) that block customers from entering into their sales process.

Peek Under the Hood

See how our Quick Quote system will work inside your existing website to build your lead pipeline.
We hate spam. We will not sell your information or send unsolicited spam, ever!

See how our Quick Quote system will work inside your existing website to build your lead pipeline.

Website Not Generating Leads?

Have an awesome website with good traffic but not getting much business from it?
Your website may be turning away business. Our Quick Quote System:

  • Increases leads from your existing website
  • Makes it easy for new customers to inquire
  • Communicates your unique offer
  • Connects leads straight to your sales team
  • Has no ongoing fees & 100% belongs to you
  • Is inexpensive & fast to implement
  • Tracks advertising performance
  • Works with any website and any product or offer
  • Lowers the barriers to contact your business
  • Is as simple or as complex as needed

Your Custom Lead Pipeline

The Quick Quote System is a completely custom lead generating system specifically designed for your unique business.

Once you take 10 seconds to send us your website address our team will launch into action learning about your unique product and industry, who your competitors are, and what drives your customers.

Then comes the fun part! Our team will meet with you to discuss our findings and share our plan for implementing a Quick Quote System that will increase your leads from the web. We do the heavy lifting. You get the leads.

"Our new "Quick Quote" System has nearly doubled the leads we get from our website since the team at Sans Terra added it to our website."

Rob Streeter - Truck Utilities

Our Story

We recently had the unique opportunity to listen in on a brain-storming seminar with a giant digital agency and a large company a client of ours is connected to.

The large company had been struggling to convert leads from their website despite having a ton of good traffic, excellent search engine placement and an industry-leading product.

There were a ton of discoveries made during that seminar but one really stood out to us; the marketing department had worked with their web company to add a new feature that allowed users to request a quote quickly from any page of the website. But more than that, they had identified a common problem their customers faced and changed the old idea of a "contact us" button to a "get solution" button and the results were amazing.

The only problem was that large company's marketing department eluded to a difficult, long, and expensive process working with their "web guys" to implement this feature. The web guys just didn't understand the company's product or customer, they were slow to develop the feature, over-charged, and didn't go the extra mile connecting the feature to the sales process and analytics system effectivly.

Well, we wasted no time in implementing a similar solution for our client and the results were immediate: over 70 leads in the first month!

Since then, we have replicated the system multiple times and the results have been dramatic each time: a near doubling of leads from existing website traffic.

A couple important things we have come to realize about this system;

  1. It's Never One-Size-Fits All
    Our solution needed to be flexible with no monthly fees. We are able to implement solutions as simple as sending an email to the sales team to as complex as a complete CRM-integrated lead-funnel with back-end email drip campaigns.
  2. You Have to Understand What Problem the Customer is Trying to Solve
    Every company has a unique niche in their market and their own "special sauce" that sets them apart from their competition. It's crucial that the first step we take is to understand exactly who your customers are and what problem they have come to you to solve.

Our team has been in the digital marketing and website design business for over 20 years and we have never seen one solution that has had such a dramatic effect on conversions for our clients. We can't wait to share it with you!

- The Team at Sans Terra

Peek Under the Hood

See how our Quick Quote system will work inside your existing website to build your lead pipeline.
We hate spam. We will not sell your information or send unsolicited spam, ever!

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