How Clearly Does Your Website Describe Your Unique Selling Proposition? Find Out Quickly!

Sharing your business or organization's website homepage on social media will help you bring clarity to your message and potentially uncover important issues with SEO.

What to look for when sharing your business/ organization page on Facebook:

Anyone who has stood up in a networking meeting and given a 30-second commercial about their business knows it ain't easy to sum up your business's USP, philosophy, and brand in what amounts to a few short breaths. Well, sharing our website on social media is very similar. It might seem like a trivial thing, pasting a link into LinkedIn or Facebook and hitting share, but think about it this way: by sharing your homepage, or any page of your website, you will need 4 pieces of information to work perfectly together to communicate your USP and brand. That my friends, ain't always easy.

If any one of the four following pieces of the social media sharing puzzle are out sync it can be the difference between getting buried in a pile of leads to standing up and watching people instantly reach for their phones or start doodling on their referral cards.

The Four Most Important Parts of a Facebook Share

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Share Text
This is your chance to connect with people and let them know you understand their struggles. Address who you are targeting and hit them with your short unique selling proposition (USP).  Let your audience know how your business or organization can help solve their that pain-point problem.

Featured Image
This is the very first thing a potential customer will notice when scrolling through their feed. If the featured image for your homepage is boring, broken, or just doesn't convey the image you want, it can make sharing your website on social media very frustrating.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites will either pull the feature image from an image they find on your homepage, however, the featured image can be specifically assigned with a properly configured WordPress website, even if it does not appear on your homepage at all!

Business Title
When you share your homepage in social media, the title that appears below the featured image is the same title that will appear in Google for your business! Make very sure that the title clearly identifies who you are, what you do, and where you do it. Look for typos, lack of clarity, anything that doesn't look right.

Business Description
Like the title above, this is likely the same description that will appear on your business's website in Google and other search engines. Triple check that it clearly describes your business and contains important keywords.

Troubleshooting Facebook Share Issues is Something We Deal With Every Day!

 If Facebook doesn't recognize a change you made on your website, we have a great trick to share with you.