Is WP Engine Right For You?

Web Hosting Safety: Our Journey Through Cyberspace

As a web professional for over 20 years, I can’t count how many nights of sleep I have lost trying to get our own or a client’s mission-critical website back online.

Like many web developers, we outgrew “shared” hosting environments back in the early 2000s and moved on to our own dedicated servers. Instead of waiting on hold for some tech who couldn’t care less about our issue, we now had the power to troubleshoot and optimize our own hosting environment. Unfortunately, hackers became more aggressive and the sites we developed, especially resource-hungry WordPress, outgrew our hosting hardware.

We needed a dedicated hosting partner, especially for WordPress websites. We needed a responsive partner that was available to help with oncoming issues and find solutions; instead of having every little problem placed on a ticket to be solved at some later unknown date. We needed a partner who was an absolute authority on WordPress.

There are several “purpose-built” hosting environments available for WordPress but we ultimately settled on WP Engine it is created and managed by the same people who were instrumental in creating WordPress. By choosing WP Engine, we are able to spend more time pushing our clients forward with more web traffic and less time babysitting servers and troubleshooting issues with plugins and updates.

We Found Hundreds of Reasons to Use WP Engine,
Here Are the Top Six:

#1 Safety:

When you use or host your website with GoDaddy or other nonspecific hosting environments, you are really on your own when it comes to keeping your site safe and up-to-date. WordPress requires updates to its core, themes, and plugins, constantly. Failing to keep these plugins up-to-date can result in vulnerabilities to your website, but also other websites on the same server. Even if you stay up-to-date, you don’t know what’s happening on the same server network as your own website. Someone could have a custom PHP environment running right next to your WordPress environment. Because of that diversity, it’s easier for viruses to enter into the system. When you go with a specialty host such as WP Engine, the virtual machines are locked down.

#2 Backup:

WP Engine automatically takes a snapshot (called backup points) of your website every night or any time you want! This allows you to roll the site back to a previous version with the click of a button in the event that anything goes wrong. If a plugin update were to cause issues, snapshots allow you to painlessly go back to a working version.

#3 Staging Environment:

The staging or development environment is a private, working copy of your website. This built-in “sandbox” allows for infinite possibilities. You can test plugins or major theme changes before implementing them on your live website.

At Sans Terra, staging is extraordinarily helpful for us. Our clients depend on their websites to be accurate and functioning at all times. Updating or implementing complex changes “offline” gives us the freedom to make mistakes and get approval prior to pushing any changes live. Nobody likes to work without a net!

#4 Dependability:

A dedicated WordPress host such as WP Engine is going to be able to handle massive, almost unlimited, amounts of traffic. You may need to switch between different plans, but running out of room is no longer a point of concern.

#5 Speed:

With WP Engine, all the hassles of installing caching plugins to “fix” a slow WordPress website are gone. No more bothering with caching or content delivery networks, they handle it all. You can focus on your site without getting caught up in technicalities.

#6 Support:

WordPress can be fussy. When something goes wrong, a high-quality WordPress host will help you resolve the issue. If your WordPress site is compromised, broken, or just plain “down”, they will work with you to get your site back up and working. The support staff at a firm like WP Engine live and breathe WordPress.

Migrating Your WordPress Website to WP Engine


Would you trust your business to a $5 a month hosting plan with an all-purpose web host? Neither would we. We provide WordPress migration services that go far beyond just moving your website.

Our website migration/launch service covers everything!

  • Search Engine Optimization Audit
  • Website Speed Test
  • Spam Prevention Recommendations
  • Update All Plugins
  • SSL Certificate
  • Domain Registration Audit
  • Install and Configure Google Analytics and Search Console

Ready to put your hosting headaches behind you? Put our experience to work for you.

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