Top 5 Questions to Ask Potential Web Designers

Getting quotes for a website design project can be a very daunting task.
Getting "comparable" quotes for a web design project can be downright impossible.

If you are building a brand new website or revamping your current site knowing the right questions to ask can be the difference between disaster and success. There are so many ways to go about it and you want to make sure you’re doing it in an organized fashion and working with reliable web developers.

That’s why we put together this list of the 5 most important questions to ask of anyone you’re considering working with.

#1 How long have you been developing websites?

It’s not necessarily the most important question, but it will get the ball started. You know if your developer has been doing it for 10 or more years, they’ve seen just about everything in the web field. You probably don’t need the expense of someone with that much experience and can afford to go with a newer company if you’re looking for someone to build you a simple Wix or Squarespace site.

Follow up questions:

  • How many employees do you have?
  • Will any part of my project be outsourced? 

#2 What are some examples of your work?

Look at the websites of your competitors and others in your industry. Now look at the work that your potential web developer showcases to you. Are they comparable? Ask your developer if they have any examples of similar work in the same industry. There are definite advantages to developers who have experience in your industry and speak your language.

Choose one of the examples they provided and search for that company in Google. How well do they return?

Follow up on references!

  • How timely, responsive, and organized was their process?
  • How was the service "after the sale"? 

#3 Will my website be fast, secure, and up to Google’s current standards?

If they answer yes to these questions, ask them HOW they will implement these strategies. A good developer will take the time to explain all of these issues to you, to the depth that you wish to go.

Follow up questions:

  • Do you guarantee a high score for the new Google Speed and Mobile Friendly test so I am not penalized in search?
  • Ask them to describe their launch process and to describe what they watch for AFTER your site goes live. 

#4 Will I own my website when it is completed?

It is important to understand if your project is being developed within an open-source content management solution or is it part of a proprietary content management system. Both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and specific application.

Whichever type of web "content management system" your site is being developed within, make certain there will be resources available to you and your team regarding ongoing website maintenance.

Follow up questions:

  • What content management system would you recommend for my website?
  • Where will my website be hosted and will I have full administrative access? 

#5 How will I track the performance of my website when complete?

No matter what type of website you are building it is crucial to have properly installed analytic software that shows you how much traffic you are getting and where it is coming from. Properly integrated Google Analytics, for example, allows for tracking of "goals" such as filling out a contact form or buying a product that will prove invaluable someday even if you are not implementing an aggressive marketing effort today.

Follow up questions:

  • Will my website include analytics with goal conversions so I can track where my traffic is coming from?
  • Will I have full access to my Google Analytics account?

Comparing web quotes can be a real headache.

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