Who Has Admin Access to Your FB Page?

Employees should almost never have administrative access.

Why? Because, it is within their legal right to remove you, the business owner, as an administrator and to delete the page. If your employee needs access to the page, you can make them an editor!

Anyone with Administrative Access Has:

  • The right to remove any other administrator
  • The right to post anything they want on the page
  • The right to delete content

….without any recourse from Facebook

In the case that you can’t access your account, it is always smart to have a “backup” administrator, someone who you can truly trust because if someone takes your page, facebook can take it down, but you will never get it back.

How do I check who has administrative access?

  • Look up your business page
  • Click settings (You must be logged in and an admin)
  • Under settings, on the left-hand side, click ‘Page Roles’
  • All of the existing administrators will show up

Here at Sans Terra, we want to help ensure that you own all of your pages. We can help educate business owners on how to keep their pages safe because just like you, we like to sleep at night!


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